Wednesday, January 11, 2012


The wind howled during the night, sounding like a blizzard, but it was not.  We now have about an inch of snow on the ground, but it is not blowing in the air.  We are welcoming some snow to cover the dusty ground we have had all this winter, an unusually warm winter.  It was about 25 degrees this AM, so not so cold, but the wind makes it cold by blowing through you.  However, the weatherman is promising back to warmer weather by the weekend.  He says it will be 52 on Sunday.  This is unheard of in South Dakota in the winter time.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Liberty Grain

Since the fall of 2011, we have been watching a new business operation, Liberty Grain, in construction about one mile as the crow flies, from our farm.  They will be buying all grains and corn from farmers by the fall of 2012 .  They started with a bare field, now the dirt has been worked up for a railroad track 1/2 mile long to connect to the railroad that runs near the operation.  Electricity has been run to the site, so now there are also big poles to do that.   We actually could not see anything from our farm, until they brought in a large crane, and built a building.
They have a Web site, so you can follow the construction, and just recently installed a Web Cam, which is very interesting.   Roger just came in from chores and said, "Go to the Web Cam, I think they are running cement this AM".  I posted their Web Site, and you can go to the Web Cam from there. You can see the train track in the back of the Web Cam.  It looks ready for the tracks to be laid.  Take a look at the site.