Friday, February 18, 2011

February in South Dakota

Spring??  Yesterday my friend saw a robin on her lawn.   Robins are our first sign of spring.  However, considering today is the middle of February, spring seems unlikely. We are still walking thru snowbanks. Then I came home and went out to fill the bird feeders, which were completely empty.  Some of the snow next to the house, east side, is gone, and lo and behold, little sprigs of tiger lilies are pushing up green.  Go back, robins, it is too early!!  And lilies, you may lose your tips. Most of the bed is under snow yet. 
These two notifications made me curious enough to go look at the lilacs.  They have buds, but they don't look like they are anxious.  Alas, I can see the rabbits have been tasting lilacs this winter.  The fence protects the lilacs from the deer, but not rabbits.  The weather man is promising us snow and low temps over this weekend, so Mother Nature better put the skids on!!

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