Friday, June 8, 2012

My Life

This AM, June 8th, I spent a little time in the garden, planting a red rhubarb that my daughter got for me, and putting some fertilizer on the pumpkins and squash, since the soil they are in is not the most fertile.  Grandson Alex wants to to get a gigantic pumpkin from one of his plants.
It is a cool morning, and when I was finished, (well, one is never finished when you have a garden) I got a cup of coffee and sat on the bench I have in the garden.  I thought, how lucky I am, to sit here, without mosquitoes this AM, and listen to the various bird songs, to observe the trees and nature around me.  My garden has panel gates around the perimeter to keep out the deer, so I imagine myself in a safe haven, a wall God's angels have around me as I meditate.
 Is this a foretaste of the Biblical prediction when every man shall sit under his own tree in peace?  I ponder and pray for this world, the wars, the destruction, the children being abused, hungry, oppressed people, ones who are battling cancer.  I prayed for a time when every man shall have his "own tree"  You cannot know the solace and comfort just sitting like I was until you have the opportunity in your life as I have now.
I reluctantly left my garden bench to tackle all the chores waiting for me, at the same time thanking God for my life at this time, and the many blessings He has given me.
I hope anyone reading this today can find a haven for a few minutes to be thankful for the good things in their life.

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