Friday, December 14, 2012


No matter what, even though you know winter is coming, one does not seem to be prepared.  It is always a surprise when the first snow comes!

The first real snow came on Saturday, lots of big flakes, wet and drippy, falling down.  Pretty, unless you were driving.  Snow continued, then some wind last night and today, Sunday. We stayed cozied up in the house today.   It has cleared off now and the sun came peeking out.  Time to get outside and give the feeder calves some hay bales, as the bunk is full of snow, and it will have to be cleaned out before running the silage into the bunks.
The wind had blown the snow right through their yard, though, so no drifts for them to walk around.  The calves have the blizzard look, snow on their faces and over their backs.  I could not see the cows, they are hunkered down on the south side of the shelterbelt in the pasture that connects to the feed yard.

As I said, I was not prepared for winter, had to go to the basement to look for boots, scarves, found a pair of mittens on the porch, left by a deer hunter, I think. While I was out watching gates, I scooped off the step, where the snow comes around the house and fills up in front of the door.

Winter is here!

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