Saturday, April 27, 2013

Spring IS coming to SD

Spring IS coming to SD….April 27, 2013.  Here are the signs.

**Two nice days in a row, no wind, mild temps, in the 70’s.  Our new little calves are enjoying these days.  Now the rest of cows need to take advantage of this weather.

**Another sign of Spring…Farm and Consignment sales.  Roger’s Dad loved going to sales, and Roger has the fever as well.  Now if he could just get a job going to sales for people, bidding with someone else’s dollar….dream job for someone close to retirement!  He has been to 2 sales in the last two days.  I said to him this AM as he left…”Have fun!”  He said, “I will!”

**Yesterday I was in Mitchell, and while there, went to the car wash, got in line at 1:47.  I was 10th in line.  I worked my way slowly to the front, but the line never got shorter than 10 vehicles while I was there.  In front of me, some town cars (not so dirty as mine) and definitely dirty farm pickups.  One pickup (truck to you CA people)  was red and the only way I deciphered that was by the cab of the pickup.  The red across the top gave the color away!!  One hour after I got in line, I was in the car wash.  I got the works, even though our road is still soft, and any little shower will make driving it a mess again.  But for the time being, I have a rather good looking car. 

**Another sign of SD Spring..3 HS graduation invitations, one college grad invite, all in different towns!

**I also took a couple of pictures of my garden, from the same viewpoint as last week.  If you look very carefully in the foreground you can see the horseradish peeking thru last year’s  foliage, and there are also winter onions in the first raised bed.  I can quit buying onions…we eat a lot of them.   The bed behind still is snow covered.  Not very exciting yet, I will keep you updated.

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