Sunday, June 2, 2013

Horse Radish Party

Today we had a small group come to our farm, and we had a Horse Radish Party....Sound like fun??  It starts with digging horseradish roots, some very deep roots, out of wet soil, dug by the 3 guys at the party.  The roots move on to the 4 gals, starting with hoses of water to get the first mud, moving on through lots of pans of water. Now everyone gets into the act, including our 8 year old grandson...lots of scrubbing, lots of water changes.   After about 4 hours, we moved on to the grinding.  Grind first through a coarse grinder, then thru a grinder to make it finely ground.  By now the fumes are starting to get to everyone, we move the work table out of the garage entirely, to the outside.  We grind for awhile, the burgers and brats are on the grill, and we take short break for a potluck lunch.  Back to the grinders, and we grind for a couple more hours, filling ALL the jars we have, plus freezer bags.  The fumes rise up even with little SD breeze we had, but in particular it send fumes to the grinders and those filling the jars.  The jars are filled with the horseradish and white vinegar to cover.  We ran out of jars and froze pint bags of ground horseradish as well.  The final count is 47 pints!!  That is a LOT of horseradish, considering it takes less than a tablespoon for most people on their hamburger!  We did have a good time, sinuses are cleaned and drained, eyes are steaming, but we got it done!!  Time for coffee!!   Note below all the pans of the root.

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