Thursday, June 18, 2015

Baseball and Alex

We had fun watching our grandson Alex play baseball last night.   He was in the field, batted and he pitched the last two innings.  He does not have much experience pitching, but of course, he did a great job!!   These teams are all 5th grade boys, so everyone is still learning.  He pitched very well, getting some strikeouts, and walking a few, but ending with a strikeout and a win for the team.  It made me think about Grandpas Workman, my Mom's Dad and all the pitching he did, the 20 something no run game in Lime Springs, Iowa--game called on account of darkness;  and then he pitched in SD for the teams that gathered in a field by Crow Lake in the 1930's.  Myron has these stories in his archive.  Alex is 5th generation from Grandpa Workman.

At bat, on the left.

On 2nd base on the way to a score for the team.

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