Friday, April 15, 2011


April 15th and we have snow in SD again.  15 inches in some places.  We had 6 or 7 here.  It is a little hard to tell how much, as there was rain first, and then the snow melted in places, like the driveway, etc.  But there is a lot on the yard and the pasture.  The weather promises to be cold next week too, 24 degrees tonight, then in the 30's at night next week.  The interstate must be snow covered, as I 90 is partly closed.  Some idiot ran the Sheriff of Hansen Co. down as he was assisting with pulling someone out of the ditch.  I think there should be a HUGE fine for these people who will not slow down when they see flashing lights.  This is not the first time someone has been run over, hurt or killed in SD because a driver cannot or will not drive the conditions.

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