Tuesday, April 5, 2011


We had to replace part of the ceiling in our downstairs bathroom, and once that was done, it called out for some fresh paint on the walls.  I had a small can of yellow, that I had been "persuaded" not to use when the kitchen got painted last fall.  So, the thrifty person that I am will need to use this can of paint, just a quart.  Roger is against the yellow paint, even to use downstairs, the room is very small--paint it white, he said..  Son Troy, via Skype, is also skeptical about the yellow.   I suggested maybe even some stripes or a rainbow to jazz it up, and neither of them thought that was a good idea. :)  Oh, I guess they stated it more strongly than that!  5 year old Alex thought stripes that might be cool.   Anyway, I now have it painted, two coats, and Roger has not come down yet  to look, so he is going to be surprised to find....2 yellow walls.  One of these walls is opposite the mirror, so I hope it reflects more yellow in the room.   I did paint the other walls a light brown.  This bathroom was put in in the 1960's, and was poorly done, so fresh paint can do nothing but help the cause.   This room does not get used except by Roger and I, and occasionally by our kids or grandkids to shower, so whatever paint is put on is better than what was there.  I am anxious to put back down the rug that covered the ugly tiles on the floor.  This is giving me incentive to move on to a few other projects!

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