Monday, May 9, 2011


Saturday..  Cow has twin calves.  As typical, wants only one of them.
Bring calf home to old chicken house, and pen it.
Give it a tube of nurse mate, and tube feed a bag of colystrix.
Sunday AM..  Try to bottle feed calf, no go, cannot, does not, operate his sucking muscles.
Short on time, tube feed another bag of colystrix.
Sunday PM..  Mix up milk replacer, (borrowed from neighbor)
Use lamb nipple, eats a little, try again later and he is starting to get the sucking motion.
Monday AM..  Lamb nipple again, now he is getting the rhythm.
Roger stops at neighbor’s on way to town to get milk replacer, taking a bar of gold along to pay for it.
Neighbor’s girl friend says “I want the calf, here is a check for $200.00.”
Roger comes home, and we make a calf delivery.
Goodbye to a 2 month/twice a day chore!!

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