Thursday, June 2, 2011

June 1 Gardening

I picked an ice cream bucket of spinach today.  It made a delicious salad along with a romaine leaf, cottage cheese, parsley, one slice of crumbled bacon and sunflower seeds.  The cool weather has been working fine for the spinach, but some of the other plants are sadly in need of sun.  The cucumbers, watermelon, squash and muskmelon look like they are barely staying alive.  However, the tomatoes are looking pretty good.  I put cages on some of them today, took off the can that was around them.  I planted a few mammoth sunflowers along the fence today, as well as a few purple zinnias.  I think I will try to use seep hoses this year for watering as my garden is larger, and more spread out than ever before.  I have a flat 75 foot one, and used it on the spinach.  It is a raised bed, 8 x 4, about 6 inches deep.  The hose was much too long.  Think I will get a shorter one, so I can leave them in place.  I can see they will be hard to move after the plants get bigger.  This bed also has beets and 4 rows of onions.  The other seep hose is round, 50 foot.  It was very hard to manage, wanted to stay kinked, so I learned a little on how to purchase these.

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