Saturday, November 12, 2011

Veterans Day

Our small town honored the Veterans with a program at the School.  It was inspiring.  All the students were in attendance, watched the Color Guard post the colors, honoring all the Veterans in attendance.  The very small children came down front, and led the crowd in the Pledge to the Flag.  The middle school band played 2 patriotic pieces, the High School band played the Star Spangled Banner, the drum and the cymbals giving us goosebumps on this day. The HS choir sang a beautiful song, and the oral interp kids read 3 poems written by one of them about her brother, who is serving overseas.   A young man gave an account of how he went into the service, got an education working on airplanes, and also graduated from an Auto Mechanics schooling.  He came back to our town, and is working here, along with his wife.  The grade school students were paying attention, esp the boys, as they asked questions about the airplanes, what he did, did he like it, and so on.  They asked impressive questions. The emcee filled in with several informational tidbits.  It ended with retiring of the colors, and I think the students and the crowd learned much about respecting those men, and the flag they carried.
Thank you to the Veterans and those serving and giving their lives for USA!

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