Friday, December 2, 2011


Driving the 3 short miles from town to home leads me to these thoughts. 
The landscape is so brown and dreary.
We have no snow, and as you look around you see bare brown trees with no leaves.
The fields and farm yards are full of brown bales and stacks of brown bales, some waiting their turn to be hauled to the farm feed yard for winter forage.
The brown and crispy grass in the pastures has long been eaten down and dried up.
The brown ditch grasses that grew tall this summer are waving bravely rustling in the wind. 
The amber brown corn stalks, now stripped of their crop of ears, stand at various heights in their fields.
The remaining corn leaves flutter across the brown gravel road.  
Another corn field has its stalks turned under by machinery back into the ground, so black dirt is the main attraction there.
Farm yards like ours are brown as well, the grass and creeping jenny in hibernation.  
Even the cedar and pine trees lose most of their color, and look a dark greenish brown. 
No relief or color anywhere you look as you drive along.
I will welcome snow to give some relief to the sights of the brown countryside in South Dakota.

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