Saturday, March 17, 2012


Now it is spring in SD.  We had very little snow in central SD this winter.  On March 16th, the temperature reached 80 degrees and today, St Patrick's Day, it is around 75 degrees. It was a nice day for a leisurely walk through the alfalfa and hay field.  The weather, tho, seems to me to be too warm considering we had very little moisture.  Many years on this date, we would still be digging out of the snowbanks. 
The big trucks going by send up huge clouds of dust on our gravel road. The grass is greening up, my tulips and iris are several inches tall.  The American Gold Finches that I feed are turning back to their gorgeous yellow, with black tipped wings.  The robin family has returned to my yard. Seed catalogs are waiting to be read and orders made for seed.

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