Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring is here, or summer in SD on April 1st??

April 1, 2012 in South Dakota.  It was 90 degrees today.  It should not be this warm at this time of year.  At the very least a cold rain, or most probably a spring snowstorm.  Nonetheless, I dug through my seeds and planted a row of spinach and also some lettuce.  If it comes up and then it freezes again, which everyone thinks it is going to do, then I just lose a little seed.  If not, then perhaps some spinach and lettuce in a few weeks for our table.   We shall see.  Keep tuned!!  I have also been looking for kale seed and have not located any so far.  I put in 4 kale plants last year, and that kept us in that good vegetable for a good many weeks, but the greenhouse I go to was closed for the weekend...too early yet, I know, for them to be open.
I harvested fresh asparagus from my garden, plants that I put out 2 years ago.  It is too crowded, I did not separate the roots apparently, just plopped it in the ground.  Don't know why I waited to long to start a patch in my garden.  We have "ditch" asparagus in the fence line of a couple of our fields, but it is hard to find each year before the town asparagus hunters get to it.  I also pulled a few stalks of rhubarb, cooked it for hubby, who likes to spread it over a slice of bread for a treat.

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