Friday, August 10, 2012

the Grass is Greener

The grass is greener on the other side of the fence, at least our cows would like to think so.  They are not smart enough to know the next pasture tastes just like the one they are in. 
We went out this AM to drive some wooden posts to reinforce the fence on the road side.

The cows got excited, thought we were taking them out….No, cows, get back, let us through the gate.

Hubby walked ahead to decide where he wanted the posts.  I drove the pickup with the post pounder behind.  I have done this before, so I know how close I need to be to the fence.
I watch carefully, getting in position, then I see that the “holder” of the posts is going to hit one of the fence posts.  I back up, drive ahead…Nope, still going to hit it.  Back up, try again…..Nope….Back up, try again…Nope…And I can see that now the post hole digger, and the rear fender are almost touching the barb wire fence.   (Now I know all of you people that so expertly back up big trailers and trucks are chuckling.  I know you have to think backwards when you back up, but I can never compute that in my brain!!) 

So  I beep the horn, and Hubby is quite a bit farther up the fence line….Well, I don’t have to tell you what he said….He walked back, had me back up again, just a little, then he moved the post hole holder IN, (where it should have been anyway, but I did not say that!!)

On to the pounder job, we put in about 10 or so posts, the ground is really hard driving, even with this automatic machine.  Good thing we do not have to do it with a post hole digger.
I drove the pounder home, Hubby stayed to staple the wire to the fence.

To the Cows….just a little harder now to bend the fence over when you reach thru the fence!

All’s well that ends well!! 

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