Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Yesterday we brought our cows in.  Brent and Roger, with help from a neighbor, sorted the calves off the cows.  The vet came and pregnancy tested the cows.  The calves are now weaned into one yard, where they will be fed corn silage daily, and the cows to another. The will also get fed silage and hay, and in a few days, turned back out to the winter pasture.  The bulls were moved to their own yard for the winter.  Four cows were open, that is, not bred.  We loaded them up and took them to the Sale Barn to be sold.  It was a noisy night around here, the cows and calves all bellering in their side by side yards.
The cows quieted down this AM after they were fed bales of hay. They will give up bawling soon, as I think they are actually glad to have their calves weaned off.   The calves got their silage in the cement feed bunks, and almost all of them came up to eat.  They will bawl for another couple of days and then settle down as well.
This does mean that I have to dress up for the cold and watch gates while Roger feeds hay in the yards!
It is nice to have this done before we get our next snow, altho the temp now is in the 20's or so, and promises to stay cold, at least through Christmas.

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