Saturday, December 4, 2010

Due West

Last night the Pheasant Crest Lodge where I work during the hunting season, hosted a few people to a Country music jam session.  The lead singer for DUE WEST,  Tim Gates, and 2 songwriters/producers from Nashville were there for the hunt and the jam.   One of the S/P was Jason Steers, who produces the Due West albums, and has written or collaborated on many of the songs.  The Due West men are also songwriters, and all of the songs on this album are their own.

Tim and the 2 S/P sang and played mostly songs they have written, but some other songs as well.  They sometimes talked about the inspiration for the song.  They told stories about the songs they have written, and other tidbits. They also talked a little how song writers sit around singing their songs to groups of people who are a lot like themselves, songwriters, so they do a lot of critiquing when listening.  They appreciated an audience like us, that just wanted to sit and listen.

It made Roger and I remember when we were in Nashville walking the streets past all the places with music going on inside, no cover to listen or go in.  We were also in the famous Bluebird Café where singers/songwriters play every night.

Due West has a new album out, one song is “Bible and the Belt”, written by Tim.  I think this song has gone to #35 on the charts.  Jason sang one of his songs "Jesus and Babies" that we may hear some day on the radio as well.

Due West will be singing the National Anthem at the NFR in Las Vegas on Thursday, Dec 9th, 2010.  

So you all in Vegas this week, remember,  I served Tim Gates his breakfast, and he eats like everyone else!!

Watch for these guys if you are country music fans, they have a great sound!

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