Friday, December 10, 2010

Kidney Disease

   I have a first cousin, Barbara, whose husband died at age 41 of polycystic kidney failure.  She has two daughters who inherited this disease.  They are now 56 and 57 years old, and have daily dialysis.
.  The dialysis is the peritoneal dialysis, done while they are sleeping, for a 7 hour period.  You get to hook yourself up to the machine, and saline solution goes into your belly, and then drains back out.  This is the lower level version of dialysis, not the blood circulating out of you as done in the hospital setting.  They are both on kidney donation lists, waiting. They are both active yet, and still continue to work.
  If you are not currently an organ donor, consider being one.  What better way to leave a legacy, than to give life to someone who has no options.  Carry a donor card, put it on your driver's license if that is an option, and tell the people closest to you, as they will be in the position of carrying out your wishes.

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