Monday, January 31, 2011

Bird Watching

A snowy, blustery day in SD.  We watched a lone bird at our feeder today.  We could not identify the species, so looked in my Birds of the Dakotas book.  We determined it is an American goldfinch.  The males are bright yellow in the summer, but in the winter, the male looks like the female, a pale brown breast, a little darker brown head and back, black tips on the wings. There was a very slight yellowish tinge to the breast, and those feathers were very puffy against the cold and wind.   They are year round in  South Dakota, and also summer in North Dakota.  We see these, especially in the spring, and they are so very pretty, did not realize they wintered here, as they are not yellow in the winter.  We had quite a few this past spring, wonder where the rest of the crew is hiding out?

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