Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dad's 96th Birthday

We had a party for Dad's 96th birthday.  He and Mom live in their own home in town, and manage quite well.  I have 2 talented nieces who prepared the main dish.  Crackers and dips were munchers before the meal.  We started with an appetizer of provolone cheese dipped in egg and bread crumbs, and lightly browned in olive oil, served with homemade salsa.  Dinner followed with fruit salads, delicious roast vegetables and Italian beef sandwiches on French bread rolls. The bread was filled with tender roast beef, cheese melted over the meat, and dipped slightly in au jus sauce and warm from the oven.  Carmen  made Giardiniera relish. It has finely cut up marinated vegetables, including hot peppers for some zip. This topped the meat and cheese.  The meal was a delight to eat! 

We ended with ice cream and a decorated chocolate cake, made by Mom who is 95.  And of course, we had a cup of coffee.
Happy Birthday, Dad!!

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