Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tie Dying

I met my sister, cousin, and 2 friends for lunch at a neat little sandwich and coffee place in Mitchell.  After lunch, we went to Flavia's B&B for a tie dying lesson.  Lelia had previously dyed silk scarves, 60 inches long, with a dark, pretty blue.  We folded and retied them with rubberbands, and then put them in another color dye.  Two twisted scarves went into the magenta, the rest into yellow.  We cooked them for 60 minutes and Lelia showed us many dyed pieces, done on all kinds of fabrics.  We had a tour of this very large 1880's house, its many rooms and interesting history.  We finished up by rinsing the scarves in clear water.  The magenta came through the dye as expected; and the yellow color on the other scarves which should have been green at the end, was more a brownish green, rather than the forest green we expected.  What a fun day!

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