Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring in South Dakota

At the beginning of last week, my garden had over 3 feet of snow over the whole area.  At the end of the week, the raised beds have no snow, and the compost ring is free of snow as well. The snow on the ground around the beds will disappear soon, but the weather temp has dropped, and the wind is cold.
In other parts of South Dakota, it has snowed again in the northern part, and a little south, the water is running furiously.  Houses are sandbagged and roads are washing out. We got a little skiff of snow as well.  I hope to get to Sioux Falls, the Falls Park to watch the water running over the falls there when it warms up a little.  There will be a lot of water surging over the rocks.
At our house, central SD, the tiger lilies are out of the ground about 2 inches, and the tulips are about 6 inches high.  The lilacs are budding, hooray, they were protected from the deer this winter, inside the garden fence.  The rabbits played havoc, tho, since the snow was so high, they worked on a lot of lilac branches, so those ends will not be blooming.  We shall see.  We need a dog to keep the rabbits at bay, our many cats do not seem to bother the rabbits!

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