Saturday, November 27, 2010

Deer Hunting

Deer hunting season opened last week, and Roger, 2 sons and a grandson, each shot a deer on our land.  If you don't like hunting, look at it this way.  These are the animals that have destroyed my garden the past few years, the animals that tromp on and ruin our corn silage pile that will feed our cows this winter, and the animals that are so terrifically hard on our trees, from eating leaves to sharpening or cleaning their antlers.  SD would be overrun by deer if we did not have a season to reduce the population.
Today, we made deer jerky, cut steaks and loins for the freezer and made a large batch of brats for the winter.  This is a lot of work of course, making me admire the workers that do this type of work every day for their living.  Dressing an animal, cutting it up, wrapping, making salami or brats, physical work, and involves a lot of standing, probably on cement, and cleaning up every day.

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