Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bucket List

Do you have a Bucket List?  My daughter has one.  On her list was a wish to make a quilt with her Mother, her Grandmother and her Daughter.  This week she was able to cross that wish off her list.  We four all got together at 96 year old Grandma Belle's house.  On Thursday night, after BLT's, we dove into a big sack of flannel, and cut 232--8-inch squares and 116 flannel squares, 6 inches. The next AM, after breakfast and coffee,  a beef roast and trimmings in the oven for dinner, we fired up sewing machines and got started sewing.  We made several visits to 96 year old Grandpa Jim at the Manor, and he wanted to know why we were slacking off!  That was in the AM, in the PM we also took a break and had coffee and cookies with him.  We laid it out on the floor, sometimes not getting all the squares back where we started, but by 6PM, we sewed the last seam. Amy has not done much sewing, and spent the day at the machine, as well as helping with the design decisions. I became the machine technician, the "layer outer", did some sewing.  Kim sewed, did the final sewing all around the outside, with Grandma Belle did the ironing, helped with putting squares together, and made the final seam.  Kim has to clip all the raw edges yet, and run it through a washer so it will end being a "raggy" quilt.  A good day of memories!  This picture is before the fringing has been done.

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