Thursday, October 20, 2011


Troy, Kimmie and Alex left on Sunday after a weekend of hunting. To leave from here means a rough ride for 1 1/2 mile where the road is torn up to make a new road for Liberty Grain Co.

They were gone about 5  minutes, when Roger saw 2 knives on the end of the counter.  We had been kidding about them all weekend as both Troy and Roger have one, but Troy's was here in a drawer and he thought Roger was claiming it.   Troy had taken his birds uncleaned, so he would have needed or could use the knife when he got home.  Roger called him, Troy said,  “No, I’m not coming back for the knife.”

Roger and I looked around again, and more minutes go by, and I notice on the kitchen table, Troy’s contacts and eye solution.  I call Troy.  “Troy, you forgot your contacts.”  Troy says, “Oh, oh, well I don’t wear them much during the week, I am not coming back.”

So now, Roger and I look around again, more minutes go by.  Suddenly we look down, and there lies Ruger, Troy's hunting dog, on his rug by the living room, totally relaxed and stretched out after his hard weekend of hunting.   We say together,  “Oh my word, they forgot Ruger!”

Ruger looks at us with his big brown eyes, but does not move.  Roger and I cannot stop laughing.

We call Troy. “ Now what did we forget!?” Troy says.  I say, “Well,  Ruger is laying here looking at us!  I hear Kimmie say,  “We forgot Ruger??!!”   Troy says, “We will come back.”  So back they come, through the construction.   They must have been 15-20 miles away by that time. 

Troy picks up his knife, his contacts, and we rouse Ruger for the ride home.  Ruger stretches, gives Troy a look as if to say,  "I worked hard all weekend and you go off and forget me!"

As they drove down the road, Roger and I were still laughing at the sight of Ruger watching us walk around the house looking for “forgotten” items.

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