Sunday, October 9, 2011


Welcome to the rain we have had the past two days!  A slow drizzle, now amounting to .90 inches, and it is soaking into the ground.  The fields have been so dry as they combined soybeans, sometimes the dust was blinding on the nearby roads.  All the corn is still in the field, except for what has been cut for silage, but the now dried up husks are protecting the bright yellow kernels, yet to be combined and sold.  A fire at the edge of our small town on the day before this rain was a scare for everyone. Several farmers took tractors and dics to the site, and helped the firemen by blackening the dirt beyond the dry cattail slough, and cutting into the ground where the burn was, put a stop to the danger to the nearby houses.  The fire was apparently started by a spark from a vehicle passing by on the nearby interstate. 

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