Monday, November 22, 2010

First Snow

We had our 1st snow this morning.  Fortunately, my calendar was empty for today, so I did not have to leave the house.  The ground was covered, with some big flakes over the day, adding a little more.  The snow fluffed in front of my feet as I walked to the mailbox. 
The ice underneath yesterday caused car accidents in parts of SD during the day and last night.  It always seems to take a little while for drivers to remember how to drive in winter weather.  Takes the first snow and ice to remind everyone.
I used my free day to catch up on computer book work, reply to some emails, and continued to put away and hang things back up after painting.  I have several boxes of books that have to be taken somewhere, and all the pictures of kids and grandkids and ancestors that I took down are in boxes with no plans to put them back up.

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