Wednesday, November 10, 2010


At the Brookings rodeo, Keith Iseley was the clown. The announcer and the clown keep up a running banter.throughout the whole act.   Keith had Brice and Alex help him with the act between events.  Brice "sold" him a horse, which turned out to be a very small pony.  Keith tried to "buy" another horse from another man, who came into the arena with Alex.  That man left, and the Keith started to leave with the pony, and Alex still in the arena.  The announcer stopped him, saying, "Now, don't leave that little boy, he has always wanted a pony!" The clown ends up giving the rope with the pony attached, and Alex left the ring.  Alex did a very good job with his part, considering he talks all the time in an ordinary situation, and in this he did not talk.

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