Sunday, November 7, 2010

Wind Farm

There is a wind farm being built, with the westernmost tower 5 miles directly north of us.  It has been interesting, while driving to work to see the progression.  It seemed slow at first, but then I could see more than a half dozen towers.  This week they are using a huge crane to put up the blades.  There are 3 blades, and they are assembled onto the head while on the ground, then lifted and put in place. 
The land is rolling, so I cannot see any further east to see how those towers are coming.  There will be a total of 108 when they are finished.
The transmission line has been laid, it looks like.  It snakes along, and will collect power from each tower, and take it the main station, which is three counties over, and covers a lot of miles.  It will feed into the same place that another wind farm does that was built several years ago to the east of these towers.  I think there are 36 in that farm, so this number is nearly triple.
It has certainly changed the landscape.  You see the huge towers, and not the land below.
South Dakota certainly has enough wind to handle these towers.

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