Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Whoo Hoo!  Keke is painting at my house.  It is a mess right now, a small house, and lots of "stuff".  The middle of the living room is completely full, 3 bookshelves emptied (so we could move them), the walls cleaned off, etc.  The living room has its first coat, a very pretty brown.  My rooms run together, without walls, living room into dining room, kitchen, some cupboards in between, and then down the hall.  She will use 2 colors to pull them together. The second color is called Mexican sand, a taupish gray, if there is such a color name.  She has lots of ideas, and experience to go with the ideas.  She will also paint the bedroom, trying to work a little red into the scheme, and Roger has decided to withdraw his objection to that, so I think we will go for one wall in a barn red.  I better like it, as that will take 3 coats.  Again, not a big room and lot of windows.  She will be back tomorrow, having put on some primer in the kitchen and dining room.  Can't wait!!

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