Thursday, November 18, 2010

A New Look

Whoopee, Keke painted for me last week.  Our small house has rooms that run from one to another without much break.  Keke is very good with colors, and an excellent painter. Starting in the front room with a light brown color in the dining room, then to a dark gray around the front door, then back to the brown for the dining room, but changing to the gray for the soffitt, and around into the kitchen with the gray, back to brown for the hallway.  It looks very nice, seem to look alike at times, then change to the two colors, depending on the natural light or the LED lights.  She did the bedroom, 3 walls in the brown as well, and one wall is a dark barn red.
She seemed to easily slide her paintbrush along, with no goofs or errors, rarely used a dropcloth.  She repaired a wall in the bedroom, replaced some sheetrock and mudded up the seams.  She is a jack of all trades, as she also lays floors, builds things, and can do wiring.  Thanks, Keke!

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