Tuesday, October 19, 2010

House Fix Up

Our house is now about 50 years old, which is young in comparison with a lot of houses in SD.  However, it seems now that when you fix one thing, another is ready for attention.  We replaced a window on the east, now we see there are some windows on the north that have rotting sills.  More caulking is needed around the house. Looks like wood and siding dry out with age and shrink back.  In addition, the previous caulk dries and shrinks. The sons that were here pheasant hunting "worked" for their keep; did a lot of scraping of the caulk.  Now Roger & I will get back on the ladder, caulk up and do some protective painting.  By the looks of the siding on the north side, it is soon going to have to be painted, too much weathering, hail at times, have taken a toil.
Inside the house, all walls need to be painted again, and we have a sink drain pipe that corroded and is now leaking. (Plumber on the way for this one!)  They also worked on the camper hitch, and replaced a garage door, so that is ready for winter, which is creeping up on us.
Nice to have your "kids" come home for a visit.  The time is too short, there are always jobs that need to be done on the farm or on the house. We appreciate having them home no matter how short the time is.

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