Monday, October 25, 2010


We got a little shower of rain today, really needed it.  The dust was so bad on our gravel roads that when you would meet someone, especially a truck, if the wind was in the right direction, the dust cloud enveloped you, and you were blinded temporarily.  You had better not be going very fast, so that you could stop, until you could get your bearings and see exactly where you were.  Fortunately, the wind removed the dust rather quickly.

When I was on the ladder a few days ago, painting more trim, the trucks were flying by here with loads of corn they were combining, delivering it to a neighbor that has a cattle feedyard.  The dust was flying around them as well.  They were happy for the dryness of the fields, tho, letting them get their crop out.  This fall has been nice for farmers in that regard, they were able to do fall work without rain and cold hampering them.

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