Thursday, October 7, 2010

Volunteer Tomatoes

I was hanging out a load of clothes this AM, when I noticed an open spot in the shelterbelt, and what looked to be tomato plants.  On investigation, it was a group of plants, 2 1/2 feet tall, the patch was 4 feet or so in diameter.  They are blooming, have little tomatoes setting on.  Where did they come from?   This summer, July 1st, to be exact, we had a sink hole right beside the garden fence, and in a few days, our septic tank collapsed.  The digger man that came to replace the tank took some of the deeper dirt, which was actually gray looking clay like dirt, and dumped a heap in the shelterbelt.  This is interesting, because he did not take the top layer, which would be the logical place for last year's tomatoes to be thrown, so how those seeds got where they were is a mystery.
Because we are nearing frost for our area, there will not be enough time to get a crop from these plants.  It was a bonus year for rain, and garden crops, tho.  I doubt I will ever see another garden of mine flourish the way it did this year!  

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