Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Painting Window Trim

A beautiful fall day in SD.  I have been out on a ladder painting the trim around some windows on our house, listening to the birds singing.  Amazing the damage the elements do to wood!  I primed a couple of windows, will put the top coat on in a few days.  Luckily, we have permanent siding, so the house does not need paint.  One big window on the east has rotten sills, and we had some moisture damage on the inside walls last winter...the 2009-2010 winter with snow everywhere, a blizzard every few weeks, snow that buried us a lot of times.  This weekend, we will get that window replaced.  ...Hoping the painting I am doing will hold off any more replacement to be done for another couple of years.  This window alone cost around $1000.00, and that is without the installation cost.  This house was built in 1959, so I guess the windows have held up well.

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