Saturday, October 30, 2010


We did get high winds, and snow on Oct. 26 & 27th.  Some ditches here have drifts along the fences.  Temperature for 2 mornings was 25 degrees.  The rest of the snow has melted.  I think they got more snow in northern SD, however.
We did get a reprieve, tho, and have had several nice days.  We got the caulking nearly done, the last window trim painted, the frozen garden hoses thawed out, and I drained the water from them and got them hung up.
Garden is not cleaned off, but there is so much foliage, and it is only frozen, not dried.  Cleaning garden will have to wait awhile.  I don't have any way to grind it for the compost, and don't have enough room in the compost ring for all the garden throwaways unless they dry down, and maybe not then.  May have to start a new pile.
I did throw some ground hay over the carrots, but noticed that something is eating on the parts that are out of the ground, so think these had better get dug sooner than later!
I hung a basket of washing on the clothesline this AM, and wind was chilly, reminding me that winter is around the corner.  (Love the fresh smell of line dried clothes).

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