Saturday, October 9, 2010

Kindergarten Teacher

Troy and his son Alex visited this weekend. Alex is 5 1/2, has been in kindergarten for about 5 weeks. He asked me for plain paper, had me staple pages together, because he wanted to make a book. He started writing, did the title of the book, Max and the Crystal, and wrote Author, then his own name. He asked how to spell words, and Troy suggested he use the Turtle method, and he began sounding out word after word. He wrote on the left side and illustrated his book on the right side. He would turn the page, and tell me the lines for that page, in long complicated sentences. He would sound out every letter of a word. I kept trying to get him to shorten the sentences, but the story just kept getting longer. Max finally found the Crystal, but then someone promptly tried to take it from him again. (Max, spelled MSC, is a dog, and he drew Max on every page) He also has a great understanding of the ! point for an exciting sentence, and explained to me that the dot meant the end of a sentence because that's what his teacher says. Then he wanted me to read it to him, "because I can't read yet". I want to meet his teacher! He also has parents that read to him every day, talked to him in complete sentences from the day of his birth, and give him long explanations on any subject that comes up. And of course, he is my grandson, so I think he is brilliant!:) His teacher has about 20 students, and my hat is off to her!

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